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About dForce

dForce advocates to develop and promote blockchain-native DeFi and monetary protocols serving as back-bone infrastructure for DeFi and open finance applications.
The first stablecoin and DeFi protocol platform received strategic investment from mainstreamed commercial bank.
Our team include both crypto veterans and professionals from top-tier financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered Bank, Hony Capital, and etc.

About USDx & DF

USDx is a decentralized and synthetic indexed stablecoin introduced by dForce as the first and cornerstone protocol. It is 1:1 pegged to a basket of constituent stablecoins, integrated with interest bearing capability. USDx's initial underlying portfolios include USDC, TUSD, PAX and DAI (1 USDx = 30% USDC, 30 %TUSD, 30% PAX and 10% DAI), which can be adjusted by on-chain governance. The synthetization and disaggregation of USDx is wholly on-chain to ensure maximized transparency, immutability and auditability.
DF is the platform utility token of the dForce network to be used for transaction services, community governance, system stabilizer, incentivization, validator deposit when we migrate to staking model, and etc.

Highlights of USDx

Interest-bearing Capability
Strong Peg and Robust Trust Model
Risk Diversification
Multi-layer Risk Buffers
Decentralized Governance

Earn Interest and Borrow USDx with Lendf.Me

Lendf.Me is the money market of the dForce Network developed by our community.
No maturity restriction - instant withdrawal of USDx as you wish.
Earn compounded yields by supplying USDx to Lendf.Me.
Borrow USDx by pledging ETH to Lendf.Me at a competitive rate for leverage trading or simply pay your bills.




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